SuperGIS Application to Recreation Potential Analysis

As the domestic tourism is growing, how to strike a balance between the natural environmental protection and satisfying the public’s need for recreation becomes the challenge the related authorities face. Do you know that SuperGIS technologies are able to solve the situation?

We'd love to share a SuperGIS success story about the Recreation Potential Analysis Model for Natural Recreation Site.

This project uses an analysis model, combining the GIS technology including SuperGIS Desktop and Spatial Statistical Analyst with recreation potential analysis, to help relevant authorities to choose potential natural and recreation sites.

The establishment of Recreation Potential Analysis Model for Natural Recreation Site helps the related authorities calculate the estimated values objectively and precisely. Moreover, researchers can clearly understand the spatial distribution of each estimated value by mapping.

Last but not least, the results can be used as the important references for the government to develop recreation sites in the future, and in the meantime, to avoid spoiling natural landscapes and ecological system.

To read the full story, please visit http://www.supergeotek.com/Library_2_201012.aspx

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