SuperGIS Software Global Sales Performance in Malaysia , Australia, India, Colombia and Kuwait

We are pleased to share that SuperGeo products have been chosen by several institutes recently with the promotion by our resellers worldwide.

1. In Malaysia, Ministry of Housing and Local Government selected SuperPad, the full function mobile GIS software, to assist field survey tasks. Also, UKM (National University of Malaysia) upgrade SuperGIS, SuperWebGIS, SuperGIS Network Server, etc. for the continuous and advanced research in GIS. The procurements are contributed by SuperGeo Malaysia.

2. In Australia, the Department of Defence Army at Elizabeth Training Depot bought SuperPad for field survey through Cody Corporation, our exclusive distributor in Australia and New Zealand. SuperPad is able to effectively collect, edit, measure, display the geospatial data in the field and synchronize with server for real-time data.

3. In India, the Centre for Excellence in Remote Sensing at Bharathidasan University purchased SuperGIS Desktop for teaching and research under the contact with Luminous, our reseller in India. The Center would like to employ SuperGIS Desktop to view and manage the GIS data to be the base for further analysis.

4. In Latin America, we cooperate with Geosystem Ingenieria SAS in Colombia for a mobile GIS bundle in software and hardware. Designing a special mobile GIS application to fulfill the user requests in a reasonable price and prompt time, we expect collaborations with large scales in 2011.

5. In Kuwait, Dar Al-Dowailah Engineering Consultants & Construction Managers Company adopted SuperGIS Desktop for a big satellite image project. SuperGIS Desktop is utilized to display, process, and analyze the imported satellite imagery for diverse applications. The procurement is contributed by IIES, our exclusive distributor in Kuwait.

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