SuperGeo grows stronger in Asia

After signing the exclusive contract with CERENE in France and Luminous ETS in the whole Indian market, SuperGeo recently recruits 2 new resellers in Asia.

In Singapore, GNX Technologies finds us with great potential in related GIS markets, especially in the higher educational institutes in Singapore. In Korea, iiTc Solution wishes to resell SuperGIS software to defeat current GIS software providers. They sent staff to Taipei for training in order to better understand SuperGeo, better promote SuperGIS.

Both of the companies admire the functionality, capability, and competitive prices of SuperGIS products. Besides, the prompt support and comprehensive services highlight SuperGeo and also become the key to our cooperation.

As the launching of SuperGIS 3 series software, our partners worldwide are more and more confident in representing SuperGeo. Our advantages in products and prices bring more business opportunities for them and profits say everything. So don’t hesitate to contact with us now in case your territory is taken!

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