New Appearance of SuperGIS Mobile Tour 3

We are about to release a new application of outdoor tour guidance, SuperGIS Mobile Tour 3, in March,.

If you’ve used SuperGIS Mobile Tour 1.0 before, you might wonder what the difference between version 3 and version 1 is. Well, on the aspect of user interface, we hope to provide a more friendly and intuitive manipulation environment, so the interface of SuperGIS Mobile Tour 3 is redesigned. We significantly simplify the buttons and only reserve some basic functions, such as Fixed Zoom in/out, Go to Next Spot and Back to Last Spot. Tourists can intuitively manipulate the travel guide system and travel with ease.

As for navigation functions, SuperGIS Mobile Tour 3 can navigate tourists clearly to the next scenic spot by GPS so that they wouldn’t get lost even if the road signs are unclear. In addition, SuperGIS Mobile Tour 3 also provides a more friendly navigation function.

SuperGIS Mobile Tour 3 allows tourists who want to skip some spots or go back to the previous spots to adjust the order of scenic spots instead of following the assigned route. Tourists can flexibly arrange their journey. It’s great, isn’t it?

We will continue to introduce more about SuperGIS Mobile Tour 3 and other SuperGIS products for you.

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