◎ New Version of SuperGIS Mobile Tour Now Available

The newly issued SuperGIS Mobile Tour is available since this Wednesday (March 17th 2010).

SuperGIS Mobile Tour 3 is a mobile GIS application designed to create an ideal tour guide system. It provides a powerful management application, SuperGIS Mobile Tour Manager, for administrators with an easy-to-use interface and simple management procedure, giving you the ability to manage, organize and update the guide content effortlessly. Therefore, you are able to tailor tour guide systems to specific needs in an easy way.

In terms of installation, SuperGIS Mobile Tour 3 also gives you a simple way to deploy the tour guide system to large quantities of mobile devices rapidly. Now, you can directly save the related map data and configuration file into a SD card or transmit data with a USB cable to greatly save the time for system installation.

For more information of SuperGIS Mobile Tour 3, please visit www.supergeotek.com .

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