SuperGeo Brings GIS Training to Indonesia

The GIS Training and Support Center at SuperGeo Technologies opened a GIS training program in Jakarta, Indonesia, for our newly-signed Indonesian reseller, Datascrip.

During the training program, not only did the Center offer technical training courses of SuperGIS software and the new features of SuperGIS 3 products, our International Marketing Team also provided sales and marketing training for Datascrip company.

Having more than 800 employees and 9 business units, Datascrip provides comprehensive business services for the local market. Datascrip also owns a professional team to especially promote geospatial products and contribute to GIS projects. We are informed that Datascrip is already in contact with considerable clients interested in SuperGIS software.

With the strong support and service from SuperGeo team, Datascrip mentioned that they have better and deeper understanding of SuperGeo products and company, so they can get more and more business opportunities in the wide Indonesian market.

SuperGeo is also going to hold another training course for some business partners who will become our official representatives soon. For example, we are expecting to welcome our exclusive reseller in Australia by the end of June in Taiwan.

Interested in SuperGIS training or distributing SuperGIS software? Contact us now (staff@supergeotek.com).

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