Meet SuperGeo’s Turkish Exclusive Reseller, KÖKLÜ

We are thrilled to introduce our exclusive partner, KÖKLÜ, in Turkey.

Established in 1989, KÖKLÜ originally was SuperGeo’s resellers in Turkey. After cooperating with SuperGeo team for some time, KÖKLÜ has observes the potential of being the exclusive reseller and thus applied to be our only distributer in this territory.

After evaluating all the applicants, we have decided to choose KÖKLÜ as SuperGeo’s representative in Turkish market.

KÖKLÜ owns numerous experts in the domains of GIS, RS, GPS, and cartography and is also an ISO9001-2000 certified company. We will do our best to assist the important partner in promoting SuperGIS products in a long run.

"SuperGIS software features high quality, powerful functions, fine services, and highly competitive prices. All of them are important advantages in global market.” mentioned KÖKLÜ. “We have already started our marketing efforts in the territory and look forward to the further collaboration and development with SuperGeo team to serve more local users.”

More information of KÖKLÜ is available at http://www.koklu.com.tr/

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