Introduce Cody Corporation, Our Exclusive Partner in Australia & New Zealand

SuperGeo Technologies is thrilled to announce our new partner in Oceania- Cody Corporation will distribute SuperGIS series software exclusively in Australia and New Zealand!

Established in 1981, Cody Corporation has a strong distributing network for the Surveying and GIS/GPS market. Cody Corporation now resells rugged handheld computers, total stations, lasers, etc. from several globally reputed hardware providers and has 75 active dealers all over Oceania. The inclusion of SuperGIS series software will bring a ‘turnkey solution’ for the local users.

In order to have a comprehensive understanding of SuperGeo products, Cody Corporation especially sent the GIS expert to Taipei for product training.

Since we believe that the best support from the understanding of user demands, Cody Corporation has also brought the local needs to discuss with SuperGeo team. We also hope that our partners can better promote SuperGIS software by means of the training and support from SuperGeo.

More information of Cody Corporation is available http://www.codycorp.com.au/

Interested in joining us or having training course? Please email staff@supergeotek.com

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