SuperGeo Global Sales Performance

We are honored to introduce some of our successful sales performance, which has benefited the following organizations in the applications to engineering, tourism, medicine, humanity, etc.

1. SuperGIS software is selected by Taiwan government. The Public Works Department in Hsin-Chu County Government purchased SuperGIS Desktop for terrain analysis.

2. The Center for Water Resources Management and Policy Research procured SuperWebGIS, to demonstrate the visualized maps for better analysis of watersheds and water resources.

3. The Department of Tourism Management at Far East University procured SuperGIS Mobile Tour, to develop a digital tour guide system.

4. The Graduate Institute of Biomedical Informatics at Taipei Medical University purchased SuperWebGIS to establish a platform for publishing medical information.

5. The Research Center for Humanities and Social Sciences at Academia Sinica, Taiwan, selected SuperWebGIS to build a platform that integrates Taiwan economic and social indications, as well as historical demographic data with GIS technologies.

6. Ching Yun University procured GIS Learning CD for the Library, aiming to provide a complete GIS tutoring tool for all the students for the convenient use.

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