SuperGIS Selected by National Parks and Government Sectors

SuperGIS Software has been chosen by several organizations recently for dissimilar purposes, from the management of national parks, to data collection for tombs. Here are some examples,

1. Emerging Smart Technology Institute (ESTI) purchased SuperGIS Desktop to integrate with smart phones to display real-time POI data on maps. ESTI has an aim to support the IT development and applications in Taiwan.

2. Academia Historica purchased SuperWebGIS to integrate and publish historical data that have been accumulated for nearly a century. SuperWebGIS helps the organization integrate the records for effective data management.

3. Civil Affairs Department of Miaoli County Government chose SuperPad 3 for the Funeral Administration Office. SuperPad is utilized to investigate and collect the spatial data of the tombs and cemetery for better management.

4. Shei-Pa National Park procured SuperGIS to visualize the diversified wildlife data on maps for conservation. SuperGIS displays the rare and endemic species to achieve environment conservation and protection.

5. Kinmen National Park selected SuperGIS Desktop 3 for its unique scenery and local culture, which can be displayed on the maps by SuperGIS Desktop for the public to learn more information combining geographic information.

6. Taiwan Wetland Society selected SuperGIS Desktop, plus Spatial Analyst, Spatial Statistical Analyst, and Network Analyst, for the ecological research and sustainable environment along the coastline.

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