SuperGeo Support Center Offers Professional GIS Training

The Support and Training Center at SuperGeo Technologies is offering a professional GIS training course with Taiwan GIS Center (TGIC) in Taipei during August 5 to 6.

TGIC is the significant staff sector under the Council for Economic Planning and Development and is in charge of regulating and promoting important GIS-related policies as well as allocating GIS expenditures in Taiwan.

In order to promote GIS knowledge and applications to the academia, SuperGeo Technologies and TGIC co-establish the GIS training program for the professors and graduate students from universities.

The trainer is John Cheng from the GIS Training and Support Center at SuperGeo Technologies. During the 2-day program, John introduces GIS concepts, spatial analysis, data querying and editing, image rectification, and map designing, etc. to the trainees. SuperGIS Desktop will be used as the professional platform to demonstrate the aforementioned content. .

TGIC is also the organizer of ‘Asia GIS 2010 International Conference’. SuperGeo Technologies will be joining in Asia GIS to exhibit the latest SuperGIS technologies and software in November. For more information, please visit http://www.agis2010.tgic.org.tw/eng/index.html

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