SuperWebGIS and SuperGIS Desktop for Diverse Research

Using GIS technologies, governments, organizations, universities and companies can analyze complex data on maps in a visualization way, to make better decisions.

The following shows how SuperGIS products are applied to diverse domains, like marine, toxic substance, construction, emergency response, and culture.

1. The Institute of Oceanography at National Taiwan University selected SuperWebGIS for marine research by publishing web services via the Internet to share with multi-users for convenient and efficient survey.

2. The Construction and Planning Agency at Ministry of the Interior selected SuperWebGIS for non-urban land development and budget evaluation by integrating complex data with visualized maps.

3. The Center for Aboriginal Studies at National Chengchi University selected SuperGIS Desktop to display ancient maps with aboriginal data, in order to analyze the inhabitation and immigration information.

4. The Department of Architecture at Lan Yang Institute of Technology purchased SuperGIS Desktop to demonstrate the construction site and the neighbor geographic environment for further study.

5. The Northern Center for Emergency Response of Toxic Substance purchased SuperGIS Desktop to assist the researchers in analyzing the distribution of toxic substance by buffer analysis methods.

6. Instrument Technology Research Center at National Applied Research Laboratories selected SuperPad to go with the survey instruments in the Center to support the conducted mobile GI study.

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