Introduce SuperGeo's New Reseller in Romania

We are much delighted to introduce our latest partner in Romania, SC Molinaro Topo Expert S.r.l., to you.

SC Molinaro Topo Expert S.r.l. is located in Brasov, a city of Romania. Since being founded in 2007, this company has been providing clients with land survey services including cadastral survey, engineerng survey and topographic survey.

The corporation's manager, Ionel Vrinceanu, has been working as a surveyor since studying in America. During the process, he has accummulated vast experiences of land survey services, from boundary, topographic and Alta surveys to complex highways and construction layouts.

Although there are more and more firms engaging in GIS industry arises in Romania, the locals still lack sufficient knowledge of Geographic Information System. Having recognized this situation, SC Molinaro Topo Expert S.r.l. actively seeks to collaborate with SuperGeo Technologies.

In view of this company's ambition to promote SuperGIS software which are highly-efficient and reasonably-priced in Romania, SuperGeo Technologies today officially granted the resellership to SC Molinaro Topo Expert S.r.l., who will distribute SuperGIS series products in the local area.

Aside from boosting the development of GIS and promote SuperGIS series products in Romania, SC Molinaro Topo Expert S.r.l. plans to strengthen its cooperation with the academic institutes and governmental agencies in Romania, assisting them in proceeding land use, urban planning and cadastral management, etc.

For more information of SC Molinaro Topo Expert S.r.l. , please visit www.expert-topo.ro/en/

More information about SuperGeo is available at www.supergeotek.com

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