Introduce SuperGeo's New Reseller in India

We couldn't be more pleased to share an exciting news with you! That is, we have found a new partner in India, RSI SOFTECH.

The main services of RSI SOFTECH ranges from remote sensing, survey to mapping applications. With its headquarters located in Hyderabad, RSI SOFTECH serves clients from the fields of business, agriculture, engineering, telecommunication, transportation, cadastral and cartography, etc.

Based on the expertise in Web GIS, Utility Mapping and Geospatial Data Mining Applications, RSI SOFTECH has become one of the leading providers of GIS, remote sensing and GPS hardware and software products and related services in India, Nepal, Bhutan and Bangladesh.

Having tested SuperGIS software, RSI SOFTECH is impressed by the comprehensive functions and high applied utility of SuperGIS products. Thus, RSI SOFTECH seeks the collaboration with SuperGeo in hopes of better serving its customers. Today, SuperGeo Technologies granted the resellership to RSI SOFTECH, who will promote SuperGIS series products in India.

India has saw the rapid growth of geospatial information industry in recent years. In view of this, SuperGeo technologies will hold SuperGIS training programs for RSI SOFTECH by the end of 2011, offering sufficient support to RSI SOFTECH in promoting SuperGIS products via multiple sale channels in India.

More information of RSI SOFTECH, please visit http://www.rsisoftech.com

More information about SuperGeo is available at www.supergeotek.com

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