SuperGIS Application to Eco-Cultural Navigation

Another successful application with SuperGIS software! We have successfully set up Web-GIS, an Eco-cultural GIS website, to assist a local university in combining the campus navigation system with the features of surrounding environment.

To elevate teaching quality, Tungnan University is in need of a platform which can serve as both a database of local ecology and a system for campus navigation. By employing SuperWebGIS as the map server, we establish the Eco-cultural Web-GIS.

The Eco-cultural Web-GIS has a user-friendly interface, with its webpage being divided into two major sections: the map display area on the left and the Google Earth display area on the right. In addition to Google Earth, this website can display maps including e-maps, satellite images, Google Earth 3D buildings, etc.

Connecting to the website, users can easily get detailed eco-cultural information around the campus with query and map manipulation functions, like pan, zoom in/out, zoom to full extent.

Instructors can integrate the system with courses to help students understand GIS related knowledge. What's more, the public can also view specific tourism information of locations nearby the campus, such as scenic spot, the name of store, address, and phone number, etc.

With the Eco-cultural Web-GIS website, not only students' knowledge of GIS data collecting and managing can be greatly enriched, but the area nearby campus can gain benefits regarding its development and resources conservation.

To read the full story, please visit http://www.supergeotek.com/Library_2_201105.aspx