SuperGIS Server Provides Web APIs for Map Data Management

Are you seeking a more powerful platform for map resources management? SuperGIS Server is definitely a set of map server software you must try.

Designed for creating, managing, integrating and publishing GIS resources, SuperGIS Server greatly elevates the efficiency in processing geospatial data. Users can obtain almost any types of GIS resources they need from SuperGIS Server via the Internet.

To diversify the display of map websites, SuperGIS Server is now equipped with two Web Application Programming Interfaces (APIs), SuperGIS Server JavaScript API and SuperGIS Server Flex API.

These two types of Web API enable developers to access map services, develop webpage applications and customize map websites with more ease. In other words, with the Web APIs of SuperGIS Server, developers are able to create GIS platforms suitable for businesses.

In addition, if developers need detailed descriptions of each object and applied samples of SuperGIS Server, they can just refer to the Developer Guide attached to the software.

For complete introduction of SuperGIS Server Web APIs, please visit http://www.supergeotek.com/Library_1_201105.aspx

The latest free trial of SuperGIS Server is available at www.supergeotek.com

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