Introduce SuperGIS Application - Helix Mobile Mapping System

We would like to share an outstanding application of SuperGIS! Helix S.r.l., our exclusive partner in Italy, has successfully developed Helix Mobile Mapping System (HMMs), a GIS platform for mapping and data collecting.

To provide localized GIS platforms for Italian mobile workers in collecting data and surveying in the field more effectively, Helix S.r.l. has established a system, which is named as HMMs, by applying highly flexible objects provided by SuperGIS products.

Being composed of HMMs Desktop and HMMs Mobile, HMMs can create the ideal workflow for local users who deal with data survey and civil services with SuperObjects and SuperGIS Mobile Engine.

With main features including creating and modifying map project importing raster and vector layers, querying vector layers and navigating the map, HMMs Desktop enables users to create projects that can be used with HMMs Mobile installed on mobile devices.

As to the HMMs Mobile, it allows users to perform the land survey and measurement in the field. The key functions of HMMs Mobile contain creating new vector layers and attributes, surveying with GPS and measuring distances and areas.

Considering data validity and availability, Helix S.r.l. also builds up a web application for permitted users to upload the real-time data to the server. Therefore, HMMs not only enhances the GIS workflow and but also enables users to upload the data effectively and ensure the data accuracy and security.

For complete introduction of SHMMs, please visit http://www.supergeotek.com/Library_2_201106.aspx

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