SuperGIS Mobile Tour 3.0 of Android version is Officially Released

Always troubled by the inconvenience and inaccuracy of tour information while traveling? The newly-released SuperGIS Mobile Tour 3.0 for Android, our first Android application may be the best solution.

As a mobile GIS application, SuperGIS Mobile Tour 3.0 is designed for outdoor mobile tour navigation. It is equipped with SuperGIS Mobile Tour Manager, providing users with various tour guidance to navigate and plan their journeys through Android operation system.

The main features of SuperGIS Mobile Tour 3.0 comprises clear interface, multuple display contents, such as video and audio in addition to text and images. In this way. users can obtain lively information of scenic spots, local hosts and websites more easily.

Besides, SuperGIS Mobile Tour 3.0 contains GPS navigation function, which can suggest suitable routes and keep tourists from dangerous areas. Meanwhile, people would enjoy more flexibilities in arranging their travels.

With SuperGIS Mobile Tour 3.0, users can experience the comprehensive support functions of for tour guide and improve the efficiency in planning their own journeys.

For the free trial of SuperGIS Mobile Tour 3.0, please visit www.supergeotek.com

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