SuperWebGIS Applied to Set up Living Web for Yilan Recreation

With the increasing consideration for living quality these years, more and more people seek in-depth tour in holidays. Obviously, traveling has become an indispensable activity in many people's daily life, and tourism-related websites has been mushrooming accordingly.

Yilan, one of the most popular sites for tourists in Taiwan, is famous for its picturesque scenery and diverse natural resources. To allow the publics to experience and appreciate local cultures more easily and deeply, a website rich in variety and information is required.

A combination of WebGIS framework and multi-media technologies successfully contributes to Yilan Recreation and Living Web, a recreation website for tourists to query the travel and spatial information with much convenience.

Visiting the website integrating abundant information of sites within Yilan, people can access a wide range of travel information by GIS positioning function, and view detailed descriptions along with images of specific sites on the WebGIS platform without installing any plug-ins.

Different from other recreation websites which display the query results as static texts, numbers, and pictures, Yilan Recreation and Living Web shows query results with real-time video and multimedia, enabling users to get the latest information and feel like traveling in person. What's more, the website provides abundant information regarding guest houses in Yilan county.

For complete story of SuperWebGIS application to Yilan Recreation Living Web, please visit http://www.supergeotek.com/Library_2_201008_2.aspx

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