Dynamic Bus Information & Transit WebGIS System

Taichung is the third biggest in Taiwan with heavy traffic network. In recent years, the local government takes the development of Taichung City tourism as the priority to improve a variety of tourist facilities and services.

In order to provide the convenient public transport and encourage the use of public transportation, The Department of Transportation of Taichung City Government planned to create a GIS system for querying bus transmit information and the real-time dynamic bus information.

For instance, the bus stops as well as the current bus position can be displayed clearly on the map. Users can click the bus stop to check the estimated arrival time to plan for the travel schedule.

In addition, the web-based GIS platform helps the related units to publish the route data, scenic spot data and the electronic maps stored in the geodatabase (Microsoft SQL Server) over the Internet. By Utilizing the WebGIS service, the staff and users are allowed to query the bus information of Taichung area and plan the tour route through the web browsers without the need of installing any plug-ins.

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