GIS Application to Preserve Historical Horticulture

As we know that the climate change and rising average world temperatures has resulted in a deep influence on species’ geographical ranges and may disadvantage species that cannot survive and have long generation times.

If the following natural changes like agricultural commercialization, global environmental change, and habitat disappearance continue to occur, the first major problem that people will face is the crisis of food shortage.

In recent years, horticultural crop wild relatives in Taiwan meet the problem of plant propagation. In order to resolve this problem, Chiayi Experimental Branch Station, Central Research Institute in Taiwan intends to apply a WebGIS system to observe the evolution trend and monitor the habitats of horticultural crop wild relatives in Taiwan for a long-term conservation.

By using the SeuperGeo’s SuperWebGIS, the WebGIS system developed by Chiayi Experimental Branch Station allows the researchers to integrate the data of distribution of the horticultural crop wild relatives and the species’ characteristics. In consequence, the data can be used as the important references for the evolution trend and assist the sustainable use of creature inheritance resources and conservation..

For more information about the application story, please visit http://www.supergeotek.com/Library_2_201003.aspx

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