GIS Management Platform for Enterprise Management

For an enterprise, lack of data integration and management may result in work inefficiency, restricted data access, and poor enterprise management, and even an extra cost for securing data.

In order to effectively manage and integrate massive amount of data, Asia Pacific Telecom utilizes SuperGIS Server 3 to establish a single service platform which allows the staff to access, use, and manage the spatial data.

Developed with the latest GIS software, the platform offers function services to enhance the mechanism of management and maintenance. Also, the standalone mapping functions and spatial analysis functions are integrated into the GIS management platform to efficiently reduce work hours and accelerate working efficiency.

The single intranet-based service platform enables users to query maps and edit spatial data with ease; meanwhile ensuring that data can be effectively managed and shared by the numerous departments to enhance the enterprise efficiency.

For more information about the application story, please visit http://www.supergeotek.com/Library_2_201201.aspx

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