SuperGeo 2012 Year End Dinner Party

In order to express the genuine appreciation to the hard working employees, Mr. Super Wang, the Chairman of SuperGeo Technologies, invited all employees and the spin off companies, including, TMS, SMAP, and EMCT to attend the year end dinner party on January 13. It was such a memorable experience to every participant.

The family members of the colleagues are also invited to the party. Each child received a red envelop with money and good wishes.

During the banquet, it is a great opportunity to reward the outstanding senior employee. Furthermore, lucky Draw is the most expected and exciting activity to us. Fortunately, most of my colleagues won the nice prizes.

The Chinese New Year is approaching, (the Year of the Dragon). In the coming year, our primary goals are to drum up more profitable worldwide businesses through establishing a closer cooperation with the partners and to continually provide quality products and services to you. Wish You a Prosperous New Year!

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