Achieved Positive Outcomes at Middle East Geospatial Forum 2012

We are glad to share the good about receiving great success in the Middle East Geospatial Forum with you. During the event, the SuperGeo team introduced the latest SuperGIS products which can especially satisfy the application demands for mobile mapping, urban planning, facility management, transportation control, etc.

This year, SuperGeo took this opportunity of showcasing our advanced GIS solutions and developing business contacts with the target businesses in the Gulf Region. We've also had some feedbacks from our clients. They commended that SuperGIS is an important and nice alternative solution provider to existing GIS brands.

Featuring complete functionality, smooth workflow in various platforms, strong technical support, and flexible pricing strategies, SuperGIS would be a significant product selection in the geospatial industry.

Since we had issued mobile solutions for Android and Windows Mobile OS, our next product plan is to focus on Window 8 OS. In Q2 and Q3, we are going to release several new products and upgrade the current software line.

At last, we’d to express the appreciation to our business partners, KIRRA and Evolving GeoSystems Technologies, for their assistance and contribution to this event. Thank you all and see you next year!


  1. This is quite interesting. With new ideas on board, geospatial industry will come with more innovative and advanced technologies in the field. Would like to attend this kind of forums in future.

  2. You are always welcome to visit us in any event held by SuperGeo!