SuperWebGIS Applied to Biodiversity Conservation

SuperGeo Technologies, the leading global provider of complete GIS software and solutions, assists Taiwan Endemic Species Research Institute in establishing the value-added application service of biodiversity database to promote biodiversity in Taiwan.

Due to the warm geographic environment, the plentiful species of flora and fauna flourish in Taiwan. However, the growing population has directly influenced the growth of endangered species. Taiwan Endemic Species Research Institute has engaged in ecological restoration and promoting the concept of biodiversity to maintain the sustainable development for species.


Developed with SuperWebGIS, the Taiwan Biodiversity Network (TBN) aims to encourage people to use its application service, popularize the concept of biodiversity widely, and effectively collect information of species in Taiwan. Through accessing TBN, users can freely upload the species photos taken by them. Consequently, users can know the diverse creatures while sharing information online.

In order to preserve biodiversity and emphasize its importance in our daily life, the APP, i35, is designed for mobile users to gather the precious information of Taiwan species and share the survey results on TBN themselves more easily. Supporting both Android 2.3 and iOS 4.0, i35 allows users to obtain biological information and upload species photos anytime and anywhere.

Integrating with GPS and GIS technologies, i35 brings convenience to users when uploading photos with coordinate information. Meanwhile, users can query biological information found and recorded nearby the specific location all the time rather than carrying illustrated handbooks. The biodiversity can thus be surveyed and conserved better with GIS technology with the smart app.

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