Serving as a Strategic Partner of Motorola Solutions to Provide Android GIS Solutions

Welcome to visit our blog and we’d like to share an important news with you. SuperGeo becomes a strategic partner of Motorola Solutions. In this business partnership, Tatung System Technologies Inc., the primarily authorized agent of Enterprise Mobility Solutions in Taiwan, will cooperate with us to release the optimal mobile GIS solutions for field mapping applications.

With IP 54 standard, MIL-810G certification, high durability, waterproof and shockproof advantages, Motorola ET1 is an industrial grade and Android-powered tablet, designed to endure bumps, supporting stable computing in enterprise environments, and to maximize productive efficiency of mobile GIS software.

To meet the growing demand among diverse GIS applications for smartphone users, we’ve introduced the comprehensive mobile GIS software such as SuperSurv 3, SuperGIS Mobile Tour, and Mobile Cadastral GIS which is compatible with Windows Mobile and Android operation platforms to assist surveyors in performing spatial data collection and enhancing data accuracy and reliability.

For more information about this news, please visit http://www.supergeotek.com/news.aspx?Type=Company&ID=1014

More information about Mobile GIS software is available at http://www.supergeotek.com/products_all_product_list.aspx  

More information about Motorola Solutions ET1, please visit http://www.motorola.com/Business/US-EN/Business+Product+and+Services/Tablets/ET1+Enterprise+Tablet_US-EN

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