The best digital tour guide for interesting and meaningful trips

Have you been to Taiwan? Do you know Taiwan is a beautiful island located on the western Pacific Ocean? Taiwan has many beautiful scenic spots (like Taroko and Kenting), renowned landmarks (such as 101, National Palace Museum and night markets), and also rich history and culture. It’s a country worthy of visiting.

While traveling, if there is a professional tour guide introducing the spots clearly for you, the trip must be more fun. However, a tour guide usually leads a group of tourists so that it would be inconvenient for general tourists to travel with one tour guide. Therefore, SuperGeo has designed SuperGIS Mobile Tour to better assist you in this situation.

Yilan Bike Navigation System and Yehliu Geopark Guide System are location-based electronic navigation service systems developed by SuperGIS Mobile Tour 3. Both of the systems integrate GPS navigation and GIS technologies. As long as tourists have a handheld device equipped with GPS chip, they can follow the navigation route to easily enjoy the scenery.

During a trip, as the tourist is approaching the scenic spot which is recorded in the route, the system will automatically launch the introduction to the scenic spot. So, tourists will be able to obtain the abundant and detailed information of the scenery.

For more information on SuperGIS Mobile Tour 3, visit www.supergeotek.com.

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