Introduce New Partner- DATASCRIP in Indonesia

We are thrilled to introduce a new partner in Indonesia, where Datascrip becomes our reseller to promote various SuperGIS products.

Based in Jakarta, Indonesia, Datascrip is a large company with 9 business units and over 800 employees. After evaluation of SuperGIS series software, its CAD and Surveying System Department procured SuperGIS (powerful Desktop GIS) and SuperPad (full-function mobile GIS) to assist in field data collection and professional mapping functions. Datascrip also wishes to be our representative in Indonesia and the contract has been confirmed today.

With the affiliation of Datascrip, SuperGeo’s global reseller network is further strengthened, especially in Southeast Asia. We hope to support more GIS users all over the world, by co-operating closely with SuperGeo’s global partners.

For more information of Datascrip, please visit http://www.datascrip.com/

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