A variety of SuperGIS applications and sales performance

SuperGIS series software is selected by several government agencies and educational institutes globally. For example,

1. National Chung-Hsing University procured SuperGIS (50+ licenses!) for Humanities Digital Archives and Value-added Application Program, aiming to benefit the humanity development.

2. The Department of Tourism at Shih-Hsin University purchased SuperGIS software and analysts to assist in tourism development and convenient tourist services.

3. Taiwan Forestry Research Institute procured SuperPad to collect various tree species, with which to contribute to forest development.

4. The Department of Fisheries Production and Management at National Kaohsiung Marine University procured SuperGIS Desktop, plus Spatial Analyst and Biodiversity Analyst, for the research in marine biology and the increase of fish productivity.

5. The Teaching Resource Center at Tungnan University procured SuperWebGIS to develop a platform for advanced campus tour guide.

6. Yong-Ren High School purchased SuperGIS for the whole lab, letting students to study GIS knowledge and applications by the powerful functions and easy manipulation in SuperGIS.

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