SuperPad 3 in Français

Great news for French-speaking GIS users! Now, SuperPad 3, the new full-function mobile GIS software, is available in Français.

SuperPad 3 is the mobile GIS software which integrates mapping, GIS, and GPS techniques into a handheld device. It’s designed for field-based GIS professionals who require powerful GIS capabilities for data collection, measure, etc. Using SuperPad 3 will improve the validity and usability of the collected data and make your field tasks more effective.

SuperPad 3 now supports French language, the 6th supported language after English, Chinese, German, Spanish, and Japanese. Numerous French-speaking in the world could use the software more easily and conveniently.

SuperGeo has an exclusive partner, CERENE Services, in France, who would also support the French-speaking users in the neighbor countries.

Our RD Team will add more international languages to our software in the future, to better support the global GIS users.

Want to try the multi-language support of SuperPad 3? Welcome to www.supergeotek.com to download the SuperPad 3 evaluation software.

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