Examination System of Non-Urban Land Development

Construction and Planning Agency (CPA) is the central government authority responsible for national spatial resource planning, utilization, and management. The objectives of CPA are to balance regional development, promote urban regeneration and townscape reform, and to centralize construction management.

When the population increases and land availability becomes insufficient, a land development plan is requisite for planning and construction of a district, especially in urban areas. Therefore, examining and developing non-urban land development applications are important tasks for CPA to plan land utilization and development.

Applying for the permission to legally develop non-urban lands is necessary for the public and the enterprises if they attempt to change the land-use. With the increasing quantities of land-use change applications, CPA start to seek a GIS solution which can facilitate better data management and work efficiency.

To satisfy these requirements of users, the integrated Web Examination platform is built to query and manipulate the massive map data and images, and then publish the resource over the Internet. Consequently, the authorities on examination and the general public can easily browse and download the data of the cases and search the required land information online.

For more information about the application story, please visit http://www.supergeotek.com/Library_2_201109.aspx

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