SuperGeo Sports Day 2012

Last Saturday (2/18), SuperGeo Team co-held the Athletics Day with our partner companies to celebrate the company spirit and enhance our colleagueship. Although it was raining day, everyone one still participated the game with passion.

The Sports Day not only offered us a great opportunity to exercise but also help us to release the stress at work. People who take part in the competitive sporting activities also have the chance to win the big prizes and medals.

What we played on that day Including race, relay race, arm wrestling, tug of war, dodge ball, and fun competitions. The players were cheered by the encouragement from their team members. After put in a great deal of effort, SuperGeo team is awarded the prizes of arm wrestling, dodge ball, and race.

Even though the SuperGeo team did not win the top prize of the games, everyone still had a lot of fun in that day. In order to turn defeat into success, we will do much more preparation for taking the top prize next year!

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