SuperGeo attended India Geospatial Forum 2012 in Gurgaon

After coming back from the very successful show in India, we can’t wait to share the fruitful outcome with you!

As the geospatial technology has become crucial and had enormous market potential in developing nations, India Geospatial Forum brings the opportunity of exhibiting the advanced technologies and innovative geospatial solutions and services. This year, SuperGeo co-exhibited with our reseller in India- RSI SOFTECH at Geospatial Forum to showcase our latest GIS innovations.

During this event, we met many potential customers who we can convey our uniqueness to develop more business opportunities. The local Indian GIS users have been aware of SuperGIS for years, but this is our first time to cooperate with such a strong local distributor team. After putting great efforts, this exhibition with RSI Softech resulted in huge success.

Having several offices all over the country, RSI SOFTECH has wide distribution operations in India providing the services for the government sectors, the army, private firms, and also several research institutes. Combining the strength of distribution service from our Indian partner, the powerful product functionality and the reasonable pricing, SuperGIS software is the best alternative to customers who are looking for better GIS services and solutions.

SuperGeo and RSI SOFTECH have also discussed the possibility to build a technical branch in India, to offer more customizable GIS solutions and long-term supports. In the future, SuperGeo and RSI SOFTECH will continually make every endeavour to fulfill business demands in local markets.

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