GIS Introductory Courses for Kuwait Ministry of Public Works

Invited by the development of the local information technology industry (III), SuperGeo team offered the GIS training lectures to Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research (KISR) and Kuwait Ministry of Public Works (MPW) from Feb 6 to 15 in Taipei. It was such a wonderful and memorable experience to us!

For providing a general introduction of GIS knowledge and different task oriented GIS software, SuperGeo teams prepared and gave weekly lectures including SuperGIS Desktop 3.1, SuperGIS Desktop Extensions, demonstration of GIS Desktop, SuperGIS Server, and Mobile applications to the participations. It was a rare opportunity for SuperGeo to deliver its GIS software and customized application services to the market in Kuwait.

After attending the weekly courses, the clients had a deeper understanding on how Supergeo grow their businesses by applying GIS technology to various applications like Pipeline Management, Real-time traffic information system, GIS Management Platform for Enterprise Management, and Electronic Map Platform.

This event brings a great opportunity to us to introduce our product lines and share our success with them. With years of experiences in developing GIS software industry, we believe that we are the best GIS alternative in the Middle East region.

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