SuperSurv 3, Mobile Survey System, Released Globally

With the increasing popularity of smart phones, the demand of seeking appropriate mobile GIS application in field survey has risen. After months of testing and endeavors, we are very excited to share the joy of new product release with you.

SuperSurv 3 released by SuperGeo Team is the latest mobile GIS App which supports bilingual user interface, traditional Chinese and English, and global coordinate system and can be operated on Android mobile device.

SuperSurv 3 focuses on the convenience of data collection in field survey and supports to display base map in SGT format and Web map services. Users can import vector layer for references to collect spatial data more effectively.

With GPS, camera, and custom tables, users are able to record the attributes of point, line, polygon features and photo information more completely; the collected data can be applied in other GIS software.

For more information about SuperSurv 3, please visit http://www.supergeotek.com/ProductPage_SuperSurv.aspx